Day Trip

Rolling Hills Zoo with Grandma B

 The kids were a able to pet and see a hedge hog up close as we entered the zoo.
Little Man has always always wanted to see a live Armadillo!!!!  
 These two were posing so cute!!
 The Petting Zoo portion was a hit with our family!
 Getting lettuce to feed the giraffes.... that never came close!
 The Boss and Bubby.  
Little man was the planner and always checking the map!
 Special K got to go with us this day!
 Dancing family!

 These two were bonded together the whole time!  

 I love this picture of the boss and our little Angel Girl.

 Grandma was tired and truth be known probably bored with looking at the wolves.  

 At the end of the fun filled and rainy day we rode the "train" for Bubby!  

Mommy was playing with her new camera in the next few.  It is so beautiful out there!

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